Explore Top Six Personal Finance Apps that Are in Vogue in 2019

Tackling investment decisions, sticking to a pre-determined budget, and managing money has become incredibly easy thanks to the host of competent personal finance apps you have easy access to. However, you must realize that not all personal finance apps are valuable to you. Let us explore some of the most effective personal finance apps that are in vogue in 2019 and could be of great use to you.

Explore Top Six Personal Finance Apps that Are in Vogue in 2019
Explore Top Six Personal Finance Apps that Are in Vogue in 2019

Explore Top Six Personal Finance Apps that Are in Vogue in 2019:

Mint: Superlative Money Management App

This free app is the brainchild of Intuit Inc. that is the organization behind TurboTax and QuickBooks. Mint is a competent app for generating a budget, keeping track of all spending, and even becoming smarter while handling your money. You could now connect all your credit card and bank accounts including your monthly bills so that you could track all your finances from a single convenient place. Mint tells you exactly when your outstanding bills are due, the amount you owe, and the amount that seems affordable for you to pay off. Mint could also be sending you various important payment reminders and it would be warning you once you are about to approach budgetary limitations. Depending on your habits, Mint would be giving your precise advice regarding ways to gain a grip over your finances or expenses and spending. Mint offers you an opportunity to know your credit score and that certainly is a fabulous bonus. The most striking feature of Mint as a Personal Finance App is that it demonstrates a real-time credit score.

You Need a Budget or YNAB: The Best-Ever Debt App

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is completely different from any other personal finance or budgeting app. It proves to be pretty helpful to you in boosting your financial life. You simply cease to go on living from one paycheck to another; instead, you would be paying down your debt and having a firm grip over your finances even if some unanticipated expenses come your way. YNAB has been designed effectively around a reasonably simple principle: Put every single dollar to some work since every dollar has a specific role to play in your financial budget.

YNAB would not allow you to chalk out a budget around a sum of money you simply do not seem to have. It compels you to live very much within your concrete income. If by chance you are getting off track, YNAB would be helping you and guiding you every step of the way telling you what you must do differently for balancing your budget. The accountability partner that is a built-in feature, keeps you very much on your toes. You are compelled to stay on track. Users are supposed to pay an annual or a monthly fee or subscription for its services; many experts recommend it and feel that it is worth it. The average user is supposed to pay $550 for the very first month. You could create monthly or weekly budgets just like any other personal finance app. However, you could be setting up monthly budgets also for special projects such as Xmas gifts.

Tycoon for Freelancers

Supermodel Jess Perez’s brainchild Tycoon is a great app for any freelancer to have set up. Perez claimed that a lot of freelancers she knew, especially models, had issues with payments due to employers who would delay them by months, or sometimes years even if there were specific terms in the contract. It can also get pretty hard to keep track of multiple parallel projects. It is here that Tycoon comes in. You can set up all details for a particular gig, create a timetable, track payments and get an idea of which ones are overdue, much like a digital balance sheet. You can also calculate how much you take home after commissions paid and tax deductions, and also use this information to decide whether a gig is even worth taking. These tools make it invaluable for anyone self-employed and juggling several projects at once. Moreover, if you are looking for more effective lending solutions, browse NationaldebtRelief.com.

Venmo for Cost Splitting

Spending app Venmo was acquired by PayPal a few years ago, and is rather similar to its parent but known to have added a social element to the entire payments process. Sharing purchases has never been easier, and the app has quite naturally seen tremendous adoption among millennials. The app generates a personal QR code that you can send someone to add you to a payment pool. There are certain weekly limits ($299.99 for unverified accounts, $2999.9 for verified ones) but it is quite reasonable. Whether you want to share bills with friends, take part in crowdfunding initiatives with people across the world, or simply get some help out of a tight financial spot, this is the app for you.

Robinhood: Top Investing App

As per forbes, Robinhood seems to be an effective brokerage service app that has been designed specifically for mobile phones offering free trading services and very much geared towards budding investors. Robinhood is known for making investments in specific stocks quite easy and convenient for millennials. The app makes profits from the interest accrued from the un-invested cash balances of clients.

Robinhood is regarded as a game-changing investment app with an unparalleled characteristic. Transactions are supposed to be free for ETFs, stocks, and even ADRs or the American Depository Receipts. The app is known to make a lot of money simply by upselling superlative services such as order flow payment and margin trading. It is a path-breaking personal investing app and is known to be the first one to provide Bitcoin trading capabilities. You do not have to pay any commissions, maintenance fees, or maintain any account minimum.

One stunning feature of Robinhood is that it provides important real-time market information and news alerts.

Wally: Great App for Tracking Expenses

Wally has been designed especially to manage your finances seamlessly and to do effective money management intuitively. Wally was designed on the premise that every one of us needs the perfect tool for managing our finances. Some individuals are happy to use pen and paper, Excel, spreadsheets while others utilize advanced personal accounting software. Wally is supposed to be a superlative personal finance app for controlling your money and balancing your expenses and your income. You could now understand exactly where all your money is going every month. Now you could go about setting and achieving financial objectives and goals intuitively and seamlessly. Wally is available on the iPhone and a striking feature of Wally is that you could take pictures of all your receipts and use them instead of entering the numbers manually. As very little typing is essential, you may rest assured that there would be fewer mistakes.

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Managing your money could be a pretty challenging task but thanks to the above-discussed competent personal management apps, things have become much easier and simpler. Some of these popular personal finance apps could help to connect seamlessly with your existing bank account and assist you in keeping track of all your expenditures, upcoming bill payments, investment portfolios, and your current credit score. Use one or more of these cutting-edge personal finance apps for gaining financial stability and achieving success.

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