Extend your Business Strong with Shopify E-commerce Development

Today, Shopify e-commerce development has over 500,000 online stores that use its massive reach to get products into the market. The e-commerce platform is equipped with all the necessary functions to give users a great online store experience. It is not only for large enterprises that distribute goods overseas, but it is also suitable for small stores that want to launch products to earn extra revenue. That among many things is what makes Shopify the best store builder in the world. Unfortunately, the easiest part is starting your store. Due to the reduced barrier to entry, compaction has stiffened. Cutting through the noise to start generating profits is an uphill task. You are not alone if you are facing these difficulties, many store owners lack strategies to propel their stores into higher heights. First, you need to get rid of that notion that no one wants to buy your goods. What you need is a more effort and determination since you can’t substitute these two and succeed in your online business. You can’t expect clients to flock into your new store in the first few days or even months. Unless your business is unique, it may even take a few years. I have written this guide to give Shopify e-commerce users real and applicable ways to thrive in their businesses without necessarily spending a fortune. Read on for more insights.

Extend your Business Strong with Shopify E-commerce Development
Extend your Business Strong with Shopify E-commerce Development

Extend your Business Strong with Shopify E-commerce Development:

  1. Make Your Store Mobile

A decade ago, desktops were the only devices you relied on for site traffic. Ten years later, things have changed dramatically and desktops are getting absolute. With the introduction of mobile devices that can easily access the net, the majority of Internet users are now accessing their information through them. Statistics have revealed that 60% of Internet users use mobile devices to access the net and 10% of their time is spent on e-commerce apps. If you don’t develop Shopify apps for your store, you are losing more than half of your potential clients. Using and maintaining apps to run your online store is cheaper than using desktops. E-commerce apps are also convenient to users since they can run their stores on the go. If the Shopify theme you are using in your eCommerce store is not responsive to mobile devices, change it to fully utilize its potential.

  1. Build an E-Mail List

The good thing about running an e-commerce store powered by Shopify is that it allows you to build an email list. Having an email list allows you to send messages to people about upcoming events and sale offers. You can do this anytime you want. You don’t need to depend on Google or Facebook for site traffic; you can drive traffic with a simple push of a button. Email marketing is regarded as the most effective marketing channel in this age especially for e-commerce websites. A sizable list is efficient enough to give you substantial traffic. You can opt for plugins to help you built an email list fast and easy. Capture is an app developed by Gleam that allows Shopify users to make customized landing page pop-ups for people to sign up within your store. You can build engaging targeted opt-in forms that will help you convert generated traffic into a sizeable mailing list.

  1. Selling More Products

This tip is a cliché and sounds very simple but shouldn’t be ignored since it works very well. To make more money on Shopify, you need to sell more products. The giant Amazon used this when it was just starting and look at where they are now! I am not saying that you should compete with Amazon; I am simply saying people are always looking for a store that offers plenty of different products. If they find out that you lack a certain product category, they lose their trust in you and this will hurt your store. To do this, research carefully on goods that sell online so that you become flexible enough to provide your clients with anything they need. You should also stock up and never run out of products. This is also for credibility purposes. The products should also be relevant to your brand but not limiting. More products mean broader categories to drive more traffic from SEO.

  1. Customer Retention

Shopify development has all the tools needed to make your store user-friendly. If your clients are satisfied with how you run your store, they will come back for more. You should also know that 65% of sales come from previous customers. It is cost-effective to retain and grow to spend on loyal customers that looking for new customers. Put yourself in their shoes. How likely are you to purchase anything from a new brand? It will take some convincing and time which isn’t on anyone’s side. People develop trust in brands by having great experiences with them. If you are confident enough that your store does this, then do everything to maintain your loyal customers, after all, loyal customers help in bring new ones by spreading the word about your great offers.

  1. Optimize Your Content for E-commerce

If you want to push sales in your store, you should start optimizing your content for e-commerce. Content marketing is where users create and online material. This doesn’t directly market the brand but stimulates the interest of the product and services offered by the brand. It’s a proven fact that content marketing drives 8 times ROI than traditional marketing. Some of these online materials include videos where retailers showcase their products by using videos tutorials on how they work. 64% of users depend on videos to make buying decisions. Videos also contribute a lot in pushing up your site traffic. Shopify allows users to use various content materials to market their products.

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Final Thoughts 

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce store builders in the world. However, this won’t guarantee you sales if you build a store and expect people to run and start making purchases. You need to invest your time and money to improve your store since the platform is quite competitive. I hope that this guide has given you enough insights on how to make your Shopify store effective.

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