How to Find iDRAC or iLO IP on Linux Servers with Command-line

Every Linux admin should know What is iDRAC or iLO IP in a server? and How do I find server iDRAC IP or iLO IP? Here, you’ll delve into various methods to locate the iDRAC or iLO IP addresses, In this article, primarily focusing on command-line tools to learn How to Find iDRAC or iLO IP on Linux Servers with Command-line.


iDRAC and iLO are embedded server management technologies developed by Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), respectively. They provide remote access, monitoring, and control capabilities, enabling administrators to perform tasks such as power cycling, hardware diagnostics, and firmware updates, regardless of the server’s physical location.

What is iLO in a server?

Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is a proprietary embedded server management technology from Hewlett-Packard (HP) that provides out-of-band management facilities for HP ProLiant servers.

iLO provides a remote Web-based console, which can be used to administer the server remotely. The iLO port is an Ethernet port, which can be enabled through the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU).

What is iDRAC in a server?

The iDRAC is a piece of hardware that sits on the server motherboard that allows Systems Administrators to update and manage Dell systems, even when the server is turned off.

The iDRAC also provides both a web interface and command-line interface that allows administrators to perform remote management tasks.

Why Finding iDRAC/iLO IPs?

Knowing the IP addresses assigned to iDRAC or iLO interfaces is crucial for seamless server administration. It allows administrators to establish remote connections promptly, troubleshoot issues efficiently, and ensure continuous uptime of critical infrastructure.

Using Command Line Tools:

It will detail the use of command-line tools such as ipmitool, racadm or hponcfg to find iDRAC or iLO IP addresses.

Using Alternative Methods:

Use alternative methods apart fromcommand-line tools to find iDRAC or iLO IP addresses, such as using network scanning tools such as nmap to identify devices on the network and find iDRAC or iLO IP addresses.

  1. Install Nmap: Install Nmap on your Linux system.
  2. Scan for Active Hosts: Execute the command nmap -sn <network_range> to scan for active hosts, including those hosting iDRAC or iLO interfaces.

Follow the below steps to find iDRAC or iLO IP on Linux Servers with Command-line:

Most of the time you don’t have server details and when the server goes down or for some other reason you need the server’s iDRAC or iLO IP, Then we can find the iDRAC or iLO IP as follows.

IPMItool is a versatile command-line utility for managing Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)-compliant systems. Follow these steps to uncover iDRAC or iLO IPs using IPMItool:

First of all, you need to take the console of the Linux server, then install ipmitool by entering the following command.

yum install ipmitool

Once ipmitool is installed, enter the following lan print command.

ipmitool lan print

Now we can find the iLO/iDRAC IP of the Linux server in the network configuration.


IP Address Source : Static AddressIP Address : Mask : https://edumotivation/s/CDBDCO9mzSZK1pwxIEG4Ei?domain= Address : f4:f2:70:dc:91:7sSNMP Community String : publicIP Header : TTL=0x40 Flags=0x40 Precedence=0x00 TOS=0x10BMC ARP Control : ARP Responses Enabled, Gratuitous ARP DisabledGratituous ARP Intrvl : 2.0 secondsDefault Gateway IP : Gateway MAC : 00:00:00:00:00:00Backup Gateway IP : Gateway MAC : 00:00:00:00:00:00802.1q VLAN ID : Disabled802.1q VLAN Priority : 0RMCP+ Cipher Suites : 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14Cipher Suite Priv Max : Xaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: X=Cipher Suite Unused: c=CALLBACK: u=USER: o=OPERATOR: a=ADMIN: O=OEMBad Password Threshold : Not Available

In the above output, we can see that is the Linux server iLO/iDRAC IP.

Server iLO/iDRAC IP lets you deploy IT Administrators with the server’s remote console, power management, update and hardware monitoring, Linux servers anywhere, anytime.

How to access Linux Server with iLO/iDRAC IP?

In order to access iLO/iDRAC you should have the following pieces of information:

  • iLO/iDRAC IP address
  • iLO/iDRAC user name (not the same as SSH user)
  • -iLO/iDRAC password
  1. Open web browser.
  2. Go to https://ip_address_of_iLO/iDRAC and add an exception for the web certificate warning.
  3. Enter your credentials and press the login button.

This is the end of the tutorial, to find Linux Server iLO/iDRAC IP with Command-line.

FAQs about Finding iDRAC/iLO IP

How do I access iDRAC or iLO remotely? To access iDRAC or iLO remotely, you can utilize SSH or access the web interface via a browser.

What if I forget the iDRAC or iLO credentials? In case of forgotten credentials, you may need to reset the iDRAC or iLO to factory defaults or contact support for assistance.

Can I change the default IP address of iDRAC or iLO? Yes, you can modify the default IP address settings through the respective web interfaces or command-line interfaces.

How can I enhance security when accessing iDRAC or iLO remotely? Implementing strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly updating firmware are effective measures to enhance security.

What is the significance of IPMItool in IP discovery? IPMItool simplifies IP discovery by providing a command-line interface to retrieve LAN configuration details, including IP addresses.

Is it possible to disable remote access to iDRAC or iLO? Yes, administrators can disable remote access to iDRAC or iLO interfaces for enhanced security, if required.


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