How To Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App

In this section, we are going to learn How To Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App. Customer experience is becoming the top priority for all kind of businesses. If your company can offer a better customer experience, customers will be able to pay more. According to statistical data, 86% of customers are willing to pay more just to get a better customer experience.

How To Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App
How To Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App

Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App:

 So, let us first discuss, what actually the customer experience is?

Customer experience is how a company treats to its customer, like when a customer reaches a company to buy a product, how professionals of the company treat them and if the same customer finds the problem in the product then how they behave. It is all about the experience that a customer gets by making a deal with a company. If a company is able to offer better customer experience to its customer then your customer will stay for longer with a company. To analyze your customers at first to offer them services as per their needs. Customers love to get personalized services.

No matter what business type do you have, it is essential to improve the customer experience of your customers?

 Let us discuss some of the popular trends trending in the market!!!

 Today’s battlefield is providing better customer’s experience

Customers do not want to make a deal with the company that does not treat them in a good manner. Like if your company can offer better customer service center, it makes customers more satisfied and happy and vice versa. So, companies are looking for ideas to give a better customer experience. According to the statistics, 88% of the companies are looking to offer a better experience to their customer.

Multi-channel servicing importance will increase

To stay connected with their customers, companies are connecting their customers using multi-channels like through social media, website forum, and live chat and via all other channels. But here companies should be consistent on multiple channels and customers feel satisfied when they see their companies at multiple channels. According to a report conducted by PWC, the company’s percentage has changed from 20% to 80% from the last ten years who are focusing on multi-channel servicing.

Today’s business priority is mobile customer experience

When companies are looking multi-channel servicing, mobile customer experience is the priority by customers. Like in case if a company has a bad quality of the website, the customer would not like to stay at the website and would not even make a purchase. According to statistics, 50% of customer would not return on the same website if they do not find it user-friendly. Companies offering e-commerce services are based on the offered mobile experience.

So, from this data, it can be concluded that if you are not offering good mobile customer experience to your customers then you are putting your business in a big hassle. Because now 52% of the total internet traffic is coming through mobile applications.

The frustration of customers leads to churn

Remember that customers would not tell you directly that they are not happy with your goods and services. Do you know, happy customers will tell their experience to 6 to 7 people while unhappy will tell their experience to 12 to 13 people because of their frustration so it is your responsibility to keep your customers happy and satisfied as much as it is possible?

Note that only 1 out of 26 customers will tell they’re an unhappy experience to the company directly. Here, it is your responsibility to know whether your customers are happy with your services of not. On the other hand, if customers are frustrated because of your services then you would not be able to generate brand loyalty into the market.

Customers are liking the self-service help

Self-service has become the foundation of business success these days. A company gets happy customers by providing self-service help. 67% of the total customers want self-service and they avoid talking to customer care. It is because if they get the answer to what they are looking for they can tailor the same as per their needs. This is the biggest reason why self-service help is performing better as compared to customer services.

Whenever you will think of mobile app development for your business, don’t forget self-service help just because of the mobile app development cost. If customers can find their answers by themselves, it gives them a sense of relief and satisfaction to them.

Now, 25% of the customer interactions has been automated using artificial intelligence and most of the companies are taking steps towards self-service help. Make sure that you have the right tools to offer to your customers so they can get an answer as per their questions and can get satisfied response.

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These days, customer experience is the biggest thing to keep your customers happy and satisfied.   Nowadays, companies are taking steps ahead to enhance the customer experience. Offering a better experience to customers means they will not go anywhere else and will make your company stay ahead of the others. As concluded on the data given above, people are ready to pay higher to the companies if they provide quality services.

Using multi-channel services allow companies to know their customers. After knowing and analyzing them, companies can personalize the customer experience.

All of this makes the customers have a lot of advantages. Now customers don’t need to reach companies, even companies reach customers to sell their goods and services. Better customer experience to customers makes better brand loyalty.

That’s all, In this article, we have explained How To Measure Customer Experience Of Your Mobile App. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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