Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Extend Its Life

In this article, we will learn about “Computer Maintenance Tips To Extend Its Life”. You buy a computer, but you should know the tips for maintenance. Otherwise, there is a high probability of computer deterioration. Often, after taking new computers, it does not take care of its maintenance, but if you look at something like computer slowing, hangouts, virus problems, etc., we face problems. The same must be given to computer computing maintenance as well. Remember the following things to make the computer work well.

Follow the below Article for Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Extend Its Life:

1)Protect from power loss:

Make a proper shut down while the computer shutdowns. Do not shutdown Direct Power-off or force shutdown. Similarly, if you have an electrical problem, electricity can be damaged if the electricity is going anytime. Connect it to the UPS computer so that the director will not shut down when your computer starts.

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2)Dust and heat protection:

An important part of “Computer Maintenance Tips” is “Dust and heat protection”. The atmosphere in which the computer is in the room should be cold or humid, and it should not be dust as well. Keep the computer covered by the computer cover. If you want to clean your computer, use the vacuum cleaner. First of all, shoot down while cleaning the computer. Clean the computer with a “cleaning solution” on the cloth.

3) Delete Temp and Unwanted Files:

Removing Temp files in the computer increases the space between the hard-disk and runs the computer fast. To delete temp files, press the window key and R so that the run window will open. Delete the temp files and unwanted files by typing the following commands into it.

temp , %temp% , prefetch , recent , cookies

Now let’s see the steps to delete temp files. Open Run by pressing windows key + R and type %temp%

Select and delete those selections. Similarly delete other prefetch, recent, cookies, etc files.

4)Delete Internet Cache and History:

Deleting Internet Cache and History makes internet browsing easier. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools. Now open the Internet Options and clear the browsing history.

5)Empty Recycle Bin:

The files you delete from the computer go into the Recycle Bin. Those files make the hard disk space full.

To delete those files, right-click on Recycle Bin and click Empty Recycle Bin. Now those files will be deleted and your computer’s hard disk space, speed will increase.

6)Check Disk:

Run the check disk once in 15 days. Check Disk Commands Troubleshoot for Hard Disk Problems. To run a check disk command, right-click on a drive on My Computer and go to Properties. Now click on the check disk and then click Start on by turning on both options. Then restart the computer. Errors and bad sectors in the hard disk have been fixed.

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7)Restore Point:

After a few days, if the problem occurs on a computer or it becomes slower then we can format it. The format takes a lot of time as well as you give money to the Vendor. But if you have already made a computer’s restore point, you do not need to do a computer format. Go through the following path to restore the system.

Start Button-All programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore

After opening the Restore Point, select the date of the restore point if you want to restore And next to finish. Now the restoration process will be started, the system will restart and your computer will see a fresh install.

8)Update Windows and Antivirus :

Updating windows and antivirus increase security from your computer’s virus. The virus does not come on your computer. Updating windows and antivirus in computer maintenance tips are very important for viruses.

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained the Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Extend Its Life. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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