Best Photo Recovery Software 2022

It is often a difficult decision for the users to pick the best photo recovery software unless they have used it and know how it actually performs. Hence, we tested and reviewed the six popular photo recovery software. Here’s our take on each. We picked the popular six photo and video recovery software. They all are from the trusted source and hence safe to download.

Test Case: 1)Deleted photos, videos, and audio files from 256GB SD card 2)Lost photos, videos, and audio files from formatted and reformatted hard drive

Conclusion: Out of six chosen software, Stellar Photo Recovery topped our test with exceptional features, ease-of-use, and high recovery success rate. Based on the test results the Top 6 Photo Recovery software are:

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Follow the Below Article for Best Photo Recovery Software 2022:

1) Stellar Photo Recovery Software:

Price: 39.99$.


  • Simplified and straightforward interface
  • Recovered files from the reformatted drive
  • Restored raster, vector, and RAW camera files
  • Deep Scan present


  • Scanning speed slow in reformatted drive
  • Recovered 70% of vector images

Stellar has newly undergone a major revamp, not just in its logo but products too. The significant move is visible in its latest Stellar Photo Recovery 9.0. The multimedia file recovery tool is definitely better and faster, compared to others in the list. A notable improvement in GUI, scanning engine and recovery success rate in the new version put it surely on top. The software worked in all loss scenarios. It recovered deleted and lost photos, videos and audio files from corrupt formatted and reformatted storage media. Several customized options helped to recover exactly what was required. This accelerated scanning and recovery process. Users can literally recover all known and unknown file types by adding new file types in the predefined supported list in the software. Recovered files with original date-timestamp, name, and resolution. This makes Stellar Photo Recovery a preferred choice for those who have lost thousands of photos and videos.

2) GetData Recover My Photos:

Price: 39.95$


  • Recovered all RAW image files
  • Able to recover vector images


  • Interface not so user-friendly
  • Did not recover any raster images
  • Very slow scanning and recovery speed
  • Did not recover from the reformatted drive
  • Not available for Mac

GetData Recover My Photos is a good choice if you want to recover RAW file formats of DSLRs. The software was able to restore all the deleted and lost camera RAW image files from SD card. It also recouped deleted vector images, videos, and audio files.

However, GetData failed to perform well in case of formatted and reformatted media. The software could only retrieve JPEG, BMP and TIFF images leaving RAW files, videos, and audio. GetData has a good recovery rate in case of lost or deleted media files from storage media but not a pick for recovery from formatted or corrupted drives.

3) Remo Recover Media:

Price: 49.97$


  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% JPEG recovery


  • Slow scanning and recovery
  • The absence of desired results with reformatted media
  • Did not recover all RAW camera files

Choose Remo Recover Media if you want to recover JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF and PNG photos. You can save recovered photos and videos in a compressed zip file to save the disk space, a feature not present in many other recovery tools. It displayed good recovery rate and intuitive interface. Remo was able to recoup almost all the raster, vector, videos and audio files deleted or lost from a storage drive. On the downside, Remo Photo Recovery had a limited file support and was unable to perform well with reformatted drives. It could not retrieve all the RAW images. This may be a put off for professional photographers.

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4) EaseUS Photo Recovery Software:

Price: 39.95$


  • Intuitive interface
  • Deep scan present
  • Recovered photos from the formatted drive


  • Limited RAW files recovery
  • Cannot scan complete hard drive
  • CD/DVD recovery absent
  • Cannot add new file types for recovery

EaseUs does not have a standalone multimedia files recovery software. Nevertheless, its EaseUS Data Recovery does a decent job when it comes to photo recovery. The software recovered PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, BMP, MXF, AVI, and MOV files deleted or lost from the storage card and formatted drive. However, it was unable to restore all the RAW photo files.

Scanning and recovery time was longer as compared to other photo recovery tools. The software does not do complete hard drive scan. It only scanned for the partitions. Another disadvantage is its inability to add new recoverable file types. It has no support for CD/DVD recovery.

5) Prosoft Picture Rescue:

Price: 49$


  • Easy to use
  • Recovered lost RAW images
  • Preview before you recover


  • Does not recover from computer drives
  • No support for audio files

Prosoft’s Picture Rescue does not fail you when it comes to camera SD card recovery. It is a very simple photo and video recovery software to recover from camera media card. In our test, like Stellar, Picture Rescue too was able to recover from formatted SD card. The software restored all the JPEG, most of the RAW and some video files. However, it did not give similar results with the reformatted camera card. It could not recover any vector images also.

You can make an exact copy of your SD card and save it to your computer to recover pictures and videos later from that copy. The software also comes with a permanent media files erasure. If you find photos and videos, which you want to permanently delete from the camera card, you can use it. However, this added feature conflicts the very purpose of the recovery software. Anyways, some may find it beneficial, when they want to make their photos unrecoverable!

The biggest drawback of Picture Rescue is that it does not support recovery from internal or external hard drives. It has limited file support. However, you can restore most of the common photo and video formats. It recovers only MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MTS/M2TS, AVI, MXF files.

The price can be pinching for some. At 49$ you get to achieve much more from other photo recovery software.

6) Disk Doctor Photo Recovery Software:

Price: 39.95$


  • Easy to use
  • Recovered data from formatted drives
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Recovered most of the RAW files


  • Failed to recover all vector and raster images
  • Did not recover 100% from the reformatted hard drive
  • Limited file support

Disk Doctor Digital Media Recovery is attuned to recover photos, videos and music lost or deleted from all storage drives and media. The software recovered the most common photo format – JPEG/JPG along with BMP, TIFF and PNG files. It managed to recoup most of the camera RAW files.

However, Disk Doctor could not restore any of the vector images. You can only recover lost MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, and MPG files. If you are a Canon, Nikon, Sony Olympus, and Minolta user, Disk Doctor is for you, as it restores these cameras RAW images only.

With limited video, audio, and photo file support, you may give a second thought before buying. Nevertheless, the software is a good performer and delivers what it promises.

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To Wrap Up

The aim of the Photo Recovery Software review is to help our readers in the buying decision. Among all the six software reviewed, Stellar Photo Recovery definitely steals the top spot due to its better recovery capabilities and simpler user-oriented features.

Have you used any of the above recovery software? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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