Most Dangerous Linux Commands Everyone Needs to Know

In Linux operating, if you have the knowledge to use the Dangerous Linux Commands, then it is easier to work with Linux. If you make a mistake while writing a Dangerous Linux Commands, it can be harmful. In this article, we will look at some of the Dangerous Linux Commands.

Dangerous Linux Commands User Needs to Know

Dangerous Linux Commands User Needs to Know

Top Dangerous Linux Commands-

Delete System Data:

The command Rm -rf is very harmful. This command deletes your data in the system and also gets a system error. One of your main reasons is that the ‘rm-rf /’ command can delete the System Data in Dangerous Linux Commands

rm -rf /

Fork Bomb:

This is the command of the Linux fork bomb. This command works by itself defining a function and restarts until this system is running. This may result in a frozen computer.


Kernel Issue:

Like Windows, Linux is not a completely secure system. There are also kernel issues and internal error too. This command will lose data on your hard drive.

dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda
Most Dangerous Linux Commands Everyone Needs to Know

Kernel Issue-Dangerous Linux Commands

Downloads and Runs Script:

This command sends the downloaded script ‘sh’ to the website, which runs the script’s contents.This command can be dangerous if you do not have the knowledge of this script.

wget -O – | sh –

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Format Hard Disk:

This command formats the hard disk for the use of the ext3 filesystem. If there is a new hard disk, okay but if there is an old hard disk and there is data in it, it can be very expensive.

mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda

Write Direct to a Hard Disk:

If you run the following command, then the output of the command will be written on the hard disk. So hard disk can damage your file system.


Move Folders and Erase Data:

If you accidentally run this command, then move the directory folder to dev/null. A dangerous file in the null device will erase the data in your folder. The mv folder/dev/null is a very important command in the Dangerous Linux Commands.

mv folder /dev/null

Release File:

The files are flushed with this command. “> xt.conf” This configuration file or any other file is written.

> file

Edit Command :

In this, the previous command can be used to edit it completely without typing it. ^ foo ^ bar If you have known her when using this command well, otherwise it can be annoying.


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Like the Dangerous Linux Commands, we learned about Dangerous Windows Commands in the last article. If you do not have any knowledge of such dangerous Linux commands, do not execute it. I hope you understand this article. If you have any queries, make a comment box. Subscribe to a few other articles like Dangerous Linux Commands and share this article with a Linux user.

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