How To Create Subdomain In cPanel

The subdomain is part of the main domain in the Domain Name System. For example, ‘’ is a subdomain for the ‘‘ main domain. You can create a forum, blog, or shopping website by creating a subdomain. Buy popular hosting and make a lot of subdomains. I’ve just bought Hostgator the most popular web hosting. Today we will see that ‘How to Create Subdomain In cPanel’

Follow Steps To Create Subdomain In cPanel:

Now you have to log in to cPanel to create a subdomain. Enter cPanel username and password and log in.

How To Create Subdomain In cPanel
Login cPanel

Now let us open the Subdomain menu in this option of the Domain.

How To Create Subdomain In cPanel

Now the time was to create a subdomain. In the subdomain, type the subdomain’s name in this tab and select the main domain in the Domain tab. Now, in the document root, the directory will automatically create a name. ‘root directory’ means ‘public_html’ directory, you can change this root. I will just keep the default document root. The subdomain will be ready by clicking on the create button.

How To Create Subdomain In cPanel
Create a Subdomain

Now you can see in the following snapshot: Your subdomain is successfully created.

How To Create Subdomain In cPanel
Success Subdomain Created

Now your subdomain can see in the following snapshot. If you want to make some changes again from the ‘Modify a Subdomain‘ option.

How To Create Subdomain In cPanel
Modify a Subdomain

Now you need to install WordPress for the subdomain. The last article is seen in ‘Step by Step WordPress Installation On cPanel‘. If you are using a Cloudflare SSL certificate, add a subdomain to the DNS record.

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