How To Fix Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running

Often, when you are working on a computer, the computer screen is black, even when the computer is on. If your desktop or laptop computer screen is black then you can check the VGA cable. Often, doing this solves the problem, but some do not have a problem solvable. So in this article, we will see ‘How To Fix Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running’.

Follow the below steps to Fix Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running:

Power Settings:

After all basic Troubleshooting, check the monitor’s power cable and VGA cable. Now we’re going to go to the Control Panel and change the settings in Power Options. By setting the Change plan settings option in Power Options, set ‘Never‘ in the display setting. This setting can resolve the problem of a blackout screen by you on your Windows laptop or desktop.

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options

Change Advanced Power Settings:

We saw basic power settings above and now you will see the Advanced Power Settings change. If the basic power settings do not have a pc black screen problem resolved, then see if Advanced Power Settings change. For this, in the power setting, click on the ‘Advanced Power Settings change‘ option and In the Power Options window that appears, click on ‘Turn off hard disk after‘ and click on Never.

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Screen Saver:

For the windows black screen, we are now about to turn Screen Saver off on the computer. To turn off Screen Saver, go to Personalize by right-clicking on the desktop And click on Screen Saver. Now the screensaver settings window will open, click on none. You can also make this setting by going to the Control Panel.

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization

Graphics Drivers:

Problems with Graphics Drivers can also be Computer Screen Black, So you need to check the system’s Graphics Drivers (VGA). If you have a graphics card inserted into the system, then check it again by checking it out And Graphics Drivers Drivers update.

Reset Monitor Settings:

Changes to Monitor Settings can cause your desktop computer to have a screen blackout. After all the solution tries resetting the setting by clicking on the Monitor Setting Baton. If you have mistakenly changed some settings on the monitor, then set Reset

Restore BIOS Setting:

There may be a problem with the blackout screen in both the laptops and desktops if the BIOS setting has also been mistakenly changed. Then go back to the computer BIOS setting and restore the settings. Restart the computer after restoring the setting.

Windows Format:

If the Windows operating system in the computer is crashing then a black screen comes and the system stuck. If the Windows operating system is a problem, then the computer does not start. If the Windows operating system is a problem, then the computer does not start.  It is, therefore, necessary to format the computer. Recover system data before system formatting.

Motherboard Issue:

Computer Displays cannot be shown by the Motherboard’s Problem. Check the computer’s motherboard cleanly or check with processor change. If there is a bigger issue with the motherboard, then chip level work is to be corrected.

Ram Issue:

If a computer’s RAM is an issue, then the system does not present the display. You can check by changing the RAM of the computer.

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained How To Fix Computer Screen Goes Black But Computer Still Running. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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