How to Auto and Manually Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016

All of us use Microsoft Outlook on the computer. If your e-mail quota is low, then it immediately flows and closes the mail, so sender emails are bounced. You do not have to exceed the quota of emails for emails to bounce. If you do auto or manual archive emails in Microsoft Outlook, you will not have a queue fulling problem. In this article, you will see how Auto and Manually Archive Emails do in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Follow the below steps to Auto and Manually Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016:

First of all, the tricks and tips of various outlooks in the last article, now let us see how the email storage solutions are called Outlook archive folders. Here we are going to clean up your mailbox by not deleting the emails, but there is a need to know about archive settings and we will now see it.

1)Auto Archive Emails:

Now you will move the emails in an automated outlook to the archive folder and the space in Main PST will be empty. First, open the Outlook for Auto Archive Email. Now go to the File tab and then go to Options and go to the Advanced section.
Now click on the button you see Auto Archive Settings.

After clicking on the Auto Archive Settings option, a window will appear, with the help of the Auto Archive Email option, you can change the settings you want to see, just like a snapshot.

How to Auto and Manually Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Auto Archive options

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2)Manually Archive Email:

You can do Archive when you want to Manually Archive Emails. For this, go to the File tab and click on Cleanup Tools as shown in the snapshot.

Now click on the Cleanup Tools window to get an outlook folder archive. According to the snapshot below, select the archive folder and click OK, which means all sub-folders will be archived along with that folder.

 How to Auto and Manually Archive Emails in Microsoft Outlook 2016

outlook archive folder

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained How to Auto and Manually Archive Email in Microsoft Outlook 2016. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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