What is IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

In this article, we will learn ‘What is an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)’. The full form of IP address is an Internet Protocol Address. An IP address is a numeric value assigned to every computer whenever it connects to a TCP or IP based network to communicate. The IP address is divided into two parts, the Host part, and the location address. When we connect to the network to use the Internet in a computer, it is given a unique number from which the unique number can be identified as the IP address ya Internet Protocol Address.

What is IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)
What is IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

Versions of IP Address:

The IP address is available in 2 versions, with the first IP version 4 (IPV4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).

  • IPV4 – This IP address is of 32-bit numbers.
  • IPV6 – This IP address is of 128-bit numbers.

The IPv4 address is divided into 5 classes which are: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E. A lot of classes A, B and C are used to connect the device to the Internet. Each class that holds a valid IP address range.

  Class                        Address Range                                                 Supports
Class A      to                    Large Network with Multiple Devices
Class B      to                 Medium-sized Networks
Class C      to                Small networks
Class D     to               Reserved for multicast groups
Class E     to               For future uses, or research and development

IP Address Format:

IPv4 address format-

IP address IPv4 format is a 32-bit numeric address, which is made up of 4 numbers, which is separated from the dot.

The IPv4 forum is in some way x .x. x. x value stays between 0 /255.

IPv6 address format-

IPv6 address can be in two formats

Normal – Only IPv6 format

Dual – IPv6 and IPv4 formats that create an IP address.

An IPv6 (Normal) address is used in this form of y: y: y: y: y: y: y: y value between ‘0’ ‘FFFF’. An ordinary address of an IPv6 is in eight pieces as you can easily understand by looking at the format given above.

Types of IP Addresses:

The IP address is of type 2 which is given below.

1) Static IP address

2) Dynamic IP address

Let’s go into the detail what is the Static IP Address and Dynamic IP address and what is the difference between them.

1) Static IP address

From the Static name you may be aware that these IP addresses do not change, it only changes when the Network Administrator wants it. This is a fix that means Permanent IP Address, which has good communication between device and network. More static IP address is given in public organizing and leased connections as there is a need for static means fixed IP address here. A static IP address is expensive. A static IP address is considered secure as it is easy to track.

2) Dynamic IP address

A dynamic IP address is also the type of IP address that Dynamite is given to your computer. This IP address is temporary. This IP address is given to your computer every time when it connects to the Internet. A dynamic IP address is much safer because it is difficult to track.

Find out what is my IP address?

To know the IP address, open the browser in your computer or mobile, just search on Google what is my IP or what is my IP address and Google will tell your public IP address.

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained What is Internet Protocol Address. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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