Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile

In this article, we are going to discuss Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile. Running a website in today’s world needs some serious concerns, mostly in the design of the website itself. In this given marketplace, the use of mobile phones is significant and it will be unwise to overlook this huge number of mobile users. You can increase your business revenue if and only if you tap these mobile users and urge them to follow your website. That means you will have to design a website that is meant for mobile users.

Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile
Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile

Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile:

According to the available data, it is revealed that:

  • More than 60% of the web traffic on a global scale originates from mobile users
  • Mobile phones have gotten more powerful because mobile networks nowadays have become better and
  • The mobile data speeds are not at par the broadband speeds.

The fact that most of the countries have a weak mobile data connection asks for the web designers to be more careful while designing the websites for mobiles to provide a better web experience.

Image quality and size

In order to tap the mobile users, you will have to make your website responsive to both desktop and mobile. For this you will need to focus on the image quality and size which simply put is the way an image will look visually. There is a direct correlation between both image quality and size with the text and message that you want to convey to the users. There are a few best practices for this such as:

  • You may switch to more responsive images to make your website more responsive.
  • You should also use responsive image tags using the `srcset`
  • You must also focus on the `sizes` attributes of the image tag
  • You may also provide a list of variants to the browser for a single image
  • In addition to that, you can also add a definition of the text and images that you want to include in your website.

The most significant benefit that you will gain from this is that your website will be equally effective irrespective of the size of the screens.

This approach will be most effective because:

  • The browser will decide the best image size and quality to load depending on the particular device.
  • They will consider the available list and the dimension of the device.
  • The browser will also consider the layout of the devices that you have specified.

All the necessary info about the layout will be provided by the `sizes` attribute and the image list is given by the `srcset` attribute. The browser will be able to know the actual width detailed against each URL.

The device pixel ratio

In order to make the website more responsive, you will need to consider the Device Pixel Ratio or the DPR value to add the proper pictures and text with the mobile devices. This is an important aspect because:

  • Most of the modern mobile phones today come with high-density screens. These have more pixels packed per square inch of the screen.
  • An image that may look perfectly fine on a regular device may look slightly blurred when viewed on any mobile device that has a high-density screen.

A simple solution to this issue is to select your elements of the content, especially the images and graphics that take a lot of space as well as time to load. In order to select the right images you must keep in mind that:

  • It is two times the size of the images that are suitable on DPR 2 screens
  • It is three times the image size on screens with DPR 3 and
  • A normal image 1x size image for any other mobile device.

You will get a lot of help in your image and other elements selection process and accomplish the desired results if you use the responsive image tag.

Using a responsive image tag

There is a specific process to follow while using a responsive image tag. The process to follow includes:

  • Using Client Hints: This is a modern specification that will simplify the process of creating a responsive design. If you use this specification it will make the code as well as the graphics and images much cleaner and clearer as compared to using the ‘sizes and `srcset` attribute method. However, the working process of client hints may seem to be a bit complicated to use which is why you are advised to take the help of an expert website designer or hire the services of a professional web design company New York City. They will make sure that every detail of this specification is well covered.
  • DPR parameters: You will also be benefited a lot if you consider the DPR parameters that are URL based. This will provide you with image crop and resize parameters that will support client hints.

Both these aspects will make it much easier for you to make use of the responsive images at its best and provide the perfect images as required by different devices.


These are the most important and major techniques to follow for making your website more responsive along with the images and graphics used in it. It will improve the performance of the website helping further in its optimization.

Ideally, these processes and tools will help you to more than 90% of your website content and image-related issues, if not more. This includes a higher ranking in the search results and most importantly it will help you to get a faster, fewer and lighter load that will reduce the load time.

  • The content will look similar across all mobile devices
  • It will fit in all types and sizes of screens and
  • You can encode the same image at diverse quality levels.

Therefore, the simplest way to ensure that you have a website that is responsive is to consider the format and quality optimization. There are different tool kits you can use for this matter that will automatically convert the format and size of images as and when required to optimize your website performance in real-time.

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained Modern Web Design Needs To Be Meant For Mobile. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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