How To Recover Deleted Android Files Music/Videos/Images

In the days of today’s Smartphones, you keep your important data on the mobile. If there is data in the mobile, then you can use it wherever it is needed. Many unwanted files come on your mobile with many social networking apps. Currently, many unwanted images and videos come with the WhatsApp app, when you delete it, your important data is deleted. Often children in your household delete your important data. In this article, we will see How To Recover Deleted Android Files Music/Videos/Images.

Follow the below Article to Recover Deleted Android Files Music/Videos/Images:

There are many ‘Delete Media Recovery-Android Apps’ available right now in the Google Play store. As Android Mobiles are rooted, let’s see how you recover without deleting deleted photos and videos on Android. Let’s recover deleted data in the phone and internal memory by using the apps and software.

Dumpster: Undelete & Restore Pictures and Videos:

The Dumpster app is like a recycle bin in windows. Files deleted in Dumpster are stored, you can Recover Deleted Music/Videos/Images Android Files from here. To install this app go to the google play store and install it by searching ‘dumpster‘ or install it via the following link.


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dr.fone – Recovery & Transfer wirelessly & Backup:

You can recover ‘Music-Videos-Images Android Files’ by dr.fone’s Android app. When using this app in mobile, check whether it is phone rooted or not. This app works on the rooted phone. You can go to the google play store to install this app or install it via the following link.


Recover Music-Videos-Images Android Files without Root:

Many mobile phones are rooted so that you can install the software on the computer and recover deleted media from android mobile. You can Recover Deleted Music-Videos-Images Android Files without Root.

Easeus MobiSaver for Android:

Download the Easeus MobiSaver software and install it. Now connect the system by removing the memory card from the mobile and inserting it into the card reader. Open the EASYSUS MobiSaver software installed in the system and select the memory card by scanning it. When all the memory card scans, you will see the data. Recover Deleted Music-Videos-Images Android Files After Scanning Complete. Download the software by going to the following link.

MiniTool Mobile Data Recovery for Android:

MiniTool is software for Recover Deleted Music-Videos-Images Android Files, just like ‘Easeus’ software. Download the software by going to the following link.

How To Recover Deleted Android Files Music/Videos/Images

Install MiniTool after downloading this software, then open it. Now you have to select 1) Recover from Phone 2) Recover from SD-Card if you want to select either Phone or SD-Card. Scan all the data in the mobile and Recover Deleted Music-Videos-Images Android Files.

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That’s all, In this article, we have explained Recover Deleted Files Music/Videos/Images. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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