How to fix common Android Smartphones problems

Use these tips if you are facing any problems with your smartphone. With the help of this, you may not need to take your smartphone to the service center and can fix the mobile phone at home.

The joy of buying a new smartphone of your choice is different. Be it any budget mobile. The customer who buys it keeps it very well. A new smartphone works very well in the beginning, but as the Android smartphone gets old, it starts to face various problems. On the other hand, if the phone starts malfunctioning after the warranty expires, the problem gets worse. Sometimes the problem is very minor. But, not understanding the solution, one has to take the phone to a mobile repair shop or service center. In this case, a huge bill is charged in the name of repairing the phone, which burdens the mobile user. Today we are going to talk about some common problems that increase the tension among Android smartphone users and their solutions. So let’s know about these tips in detail.

Follow the below steps to Fix common Android Smartphones problems:

Touch screen slow problem:

In Android smartphones, all the work is done by touching the screen and when this touch screen is not working properly, the speed of the phone seems to slow down. But sometimes the fault lies with the touchpad itself. In such a case try Google Keyboard G board before taking the phone to a repair shop or service center. And if you are using this keyboard then clear its cache memory and restart the phone. This method can be useful. But, if even after doing this the touch screen is not working properly then the phone has to be taken to a service center.

Frequent WiFi Disconnects :

If you have WiFi at home and use it for work, you may have faced this problem. Many Android users complain that their smartphone frequently disconnects from WiFi and disrupts work. As soon as you notice that the WiFi is disconnected again, you have to go to the settings and reconnect it. In this case, change Keep Wi-Fi on during Sleep by going to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced option.

Difficulty downloading apps:

Nowadays, users’ smartphones are loaded with apps. Google Play Store is used to download apps or games on Android smartphones. But sometimes when you want to download any app from the play store, the app doesn’t install, and many times the play store doesn’t open. The main reason for this is the lack of storage and for this, you need to go to the phone settings and clear the Google Play Store and Google Play Store cache memory.

Quick battery drain:

Soon after purchasing the smartphone, many smartphone users complain that their Android phone battery starts draining rapidly. Even without use, the battery percentage continues to decrease and the phone has to be charged again and again. In this case, it is better to reboot using the battery. Background apps are also the cause of fast battery drain. So check which apps are consuming the most battery and uninstall those apps.

Phone hang problem:

Many people face the problem of phone hanging. The first and biggest complaint of Android smartphone users is that their mobile phone hangs. There can be many reasons why the phone hangs every time. If you are also facing this issue then first check for a firmware update in your phone. If your smartphone has a new update of OS, UI, or Android version then download it immediately and install it on the phone. All apps and software on the phone must be updated from time to time.

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