Reviewed : Hikvision IR Fixed Dome Network Camera DS-2CD2121G0-I (2.8mm)

Today you will see ‘Hikvision IR Fixed Dome Network Camera’ Reviewed. The model number for this camera is ‘DS-2CD2121G0-I’. The Lens of the Hikvision IR Fixed Dome Network Camera is 2.8mm. The IR illumination range of this camera is 30 meters, which means it covers an area of 30 meters. The resolution is about 2 MP.

Hikvision IR Fixed Dome Network Camera:

Use this camera by connecting LAN to Poe switch, because it does not require power, the Poe switch manage both LAN and power. If you find that the hard disk in NVR is FULL then you can store video in instantly by installing SDCard. There is a new feature to insert the SD card in this camera. You can also install a mic on this camera. The size of this camera is F111 x 82 mm, It is also view by Angle 115.

If this camera is in the rainy season or outdoor, then the chances of getting worse will be, so this camera can possibly be installed indoors itself. It is very easy to configure the camera. You have seen detail in the previous article that ‘How To Configure Hikvision CCTV IP Camera For NVR‘ The important things to do when configuring the camera is 1) changing the default IP 2) time zone change. This camera’s IP lets you see only this CCTV footage. For this, enter the camera’s IP in internet explorer and enter the camera’s username and password. There is a need for a camera stand to fit the Dome camera. The Dome camera stand is not to accompany the camera and it is a separate purchase.

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If you like this camera you can certainly buy it. Its clarity is pretty cool. Also, this camera is very easy to install.

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