Google Removed 16 Apps From Play Store Check Your Phone’s List

Google has removed 16 dangerous apps from its Play Store. If you have these apps on your mobile, delete them immediately. Because these apps were stealing mobile data and other information. These apps have been identified by a security agency. Google has removed this app from the Play Store after a report by a security agency.

These apps were accessing people’s data in the background. According to the report, the app was downloaded more than 20 million times. Ars Technica reports that Google has removed the app from the Play Store following McAfee’s report. The list of apps included QR codes, scanners, flashlights, and various measuring apps.

Google Removed 16 Apps From Play Store Check Your Phone’s List:

  1. BusanBus
  2. Joycode
  3. Currency Converter
  4. High-Speed Camera
  5. Smart Task Manager
  6. Flashlight+
  7. K-Dictionary
  8. Quick Note
  9. EzDica
  10. Instagram Profile
  11. Downloader
  12. Ez Notes

This list includes 12 apps. Agency did not get information about the other 4 apps. After McAfee’s investigation, users were redirected to fake ad pages after downloading. Users’ data was already being stolen through this website link. These apps already contain adware code like com.liveposting and

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