Fix-Microsoft Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile

Microsoft Outlook stuck on Loading Profile – Sometimes when you launch Microsoft Outlook desktop client on your Windows PC, it is stuck at the Loading Profile stage, then this trick may be able to help you.

Fix-Microsoft Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile
Fix-Microsoft Outlook Stuck On Loading Profile

Steps to follow

  • You know that many problems with the computer are solved after restarting. Now first check the outlook by PC Restart.
  • If step 1 does not help, launch Outlook in Safe Mode and see if you are able to synchronize that email account. If you are lucky, it may work In case you do not know, to launch Outlook in safe mode, simply hold the CTRL key and double-clicking on the Outlook icon to run it. Alternatively, you could run the outlook.exe/safe command.
  • Repair your Outlook account or delete account settings and reconfigure again.
  • If the above solution does not resolve the Microsoft Outlook stuck problem then go to the control panel and delete the profile in the mail option and again create a new profile and configure the account again.
  • Do these steps first, Create a system restore point and then Run regedit (by holding Windows + R button together) to open The Registry Editor. Then navigate to the following path:

This key stores your Outlook profile folders. The default Outlook profile is “Outlook.” Right-click on Outlook and delete it. Then again, you have to configure your Outlook.

  • Here in the above path, my MS Office version is 2016 so it is 16.0 otherwise if you are using some other version then it will be different for MS Office 2010 it will be 14.0, and MS Office 2013 it will be 15.0.
  • Disk Cleanup in your system as well as delete all temp files.
  • If the data files are corrupted then the stuck problem can occur. Add data files to SCANPST and repair them. Open the SCANPST tool according to the path below.
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16\SCANPST

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So this was all about “Microsoft Outlook stuck on Loading Profile” I hope the above steps will resolve your Outlook hang issue.

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