Effective Ways of Optimizing Technical SEO for Ranking Higher

Technical SEO is regarded as a fundamental and integral part of SEO. Even though you are having a unique and an amazing piece of content, you would still be encountering huge difficulties in achieving a higher ranking on the search engine ranking page if you are having certain unresolved technical SEO problems. You must necessarily devote some time toward optimizing your website’s technical SEO.

We know that technical SEO is supposed to be the process that involves optimizing indexing, crawling, and rendering your website’s phase for attaining higher search rankings. As per 99signals.com, Neil Patel, the co-founder of CrazyEgg and serial entrepreneur defines technical SEO in a simple manner, “any SEO work that is done aside from the content. Essentially, it’s laying a strong foundation to give your content the best chance it can have to rank for relevant keywords and phrases.” In this article, we will be discussing some actionable technical SEO strategies and tricks for boosting your website’s overall organic traffic.

Effective Ways of Optimizing Technical SEO for Ranking Higher in 2019
Effective Ways of Optimizing Technical SEO for Ranking Higher in 2019

Effective Ways of Optimizing Technical SEO for Ranking Higher in 2019:

Focus on Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

First of all, ensure that your site is fully optimized and mobile-friendly. It is necessary to opt for a mobile-friendly website as you need to conform to the major algorithm update which was introduced a number of years ago. As per the update, Google would have a preference for responsive and mobile-friendly websites while ranking sites on the Search Engine Rankings Page. Some websites were penalized for not concentrating on mobile-friendliness. You could assess and evaluate how mobile-friendly your site is by using some very useful and free tools that are available online.

  • Mobile-Friendliness Test Tool for Bing.
  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • HubSpot’s Website Grader.

Suppose your website fails to pass the mobile-friendliness test, you need to devote some time and put in some efforts in modifying the basic layout of your site for making it easier and more convenient for mobile users to effectively navigate all through your site. You simply cannot forget the fact that most online users use mobile phones to surf and search the web.

Come Up with a Speedy Website

Your site’s SEO success does not depend solely on its mobile-friendly quotient, it also, depends on the faster loading speed of your website. Your website has to be speedy as visitors bounce off from a site that takes over a minute to load. Everyone on the Internet is looking for accurate but quick results. People access the Internet as they get accurate results quickly and easily. You must dedicate your efforts toward making your site speedy so that it loads quickly each time and every time for search bots so that the site obtains a higher SERP ranking. Here are a few effective tips for speeding up your site.

  • Use CDN or the Content Delivery System.
  • Cut down the response time of your server.
  • Optimize the visuals and videos on your website.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Enable compression.

Fix Website Errors by Running a Technical Audit Once Every Week

You simply cannot neglect your website and leave it as it is simply because you know that search engine algorithms would be changing once in a few months or a few years. You should not ignore your website and it is best not to wait until the next big change is introduced. It is important that your website is in top running condition to withstand all issues when a new algorithm is rolled out. You need to examine your site once every week to identify the issues and keep it running smoothly. You must indulge in a meticulous weekly audit to fix all the errors and boost your site’s SERP ranking. A perfect site auditing could be done by using useful online tools such as Ahrefs, Moz or SEMrush. You may get in touch with a trustworthy SEO Company in New York for prompt and perfect SEO solutions as they have the experience and the expertise.

Get Rid of Broken Links, Pages & 404 Errors

In the case, your site is experiencing any broken pages or links or 404 errors it is an indication that you are getting linked to pages which do not exist at all. When you do that it would be adversely impacting your overall UX and it would create a bad impression when search bots are crawling through your website. You need to keep in mind that Google would not bother to crawl broken pages and that should be impacting your authority and rankings adversely. You may use useful online tools such as Google Search Console and LinkMiner for identifying broken links within your website.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content

Suppose you land up with a couple of web pages that have identical content, the search engine would find it really confusing and quite difficult to understand which webpage should be ranked first. As a result of this confusion, your SERP rankings would be faltering thus adversely impacting your overall website traffic. It is imperative on your part to get rid of all duplicate content. You may use effective online tools for identifying and eliminating duplicate content on your website. Each and every webpage needs to be authentic and unique.

Come Up with an XML Sitemap

Once you have made all the rectifications and updates, you must create an XML Sitemap for letting Google know that you have successfully enhanced and upgraded your website. The Sitemaps are known to be useful in notifying Google about the important pages present on a site. We know that the search engine bots would be fully aware of all the changes on your site, automatically on its own. However, if you submit it manually that would help them in knowing really quickly so that it could boost your rankings without losing any precious time.

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Google has always been trying its best to provide web pages to its users, that actually cater to the purpose and needs of their searches. If you are successful in optimizing your overall SEO presence by providing high-quality unique content and effective relevant services, it is quite obvious that you would be achieving a higher SERP ranking. Remember keyword stuffing is very much prohibited. Now that we have discussed effective ways of boosting technical SEO, you could choose an effective method and initiate your technical SEO Optimization process for enhancing your ranking on the Search Engine Rankings Page.

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