Step By Step Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore

It is important to backup before any firewall configurations occur. today I’m going to show ‘Step By Step Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore’. It is necessary to a backup first time before changing any setting in the firewall. If there is something wrong with changing the setting in Cyberoam, then you can restore the backup.

Follow Steps To Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore:

Now let us log in to a firewall and enter your username and password.

Step By Step Cyberoam firewall backup And Restore

Cyberoam login

To back up Cyberoam Firewall, go to the System tab and go to the Maintenance menu.

Step By Step Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore


After opening the Maintenance tab, there will be some backup options. In backup 1) Local 2) FTP 3)Email Options will come. Local, FTP and Email can be backed up by Cyberoam FirewallBackup Frequency lets you schedule backups daily, weekly or monthly. If you want to get local backup, select local and click on backup now and then download it.

Step By Step Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore

Cyberoam Firewall Backup Download

Cyberoam Firewall Backup-Restore Compatibility Check:

Check Backup-Restore Compatibility for the first time to restore your backup. Check that the backup can be restored in the second appliance series by following Cyberoam Firewall Appliance Series.

Appliance Series-Backup ⇒  Supported Appliance Series-Restore 

CRi                                               ⇒ CRi,CRia,CRiNG,ISDia,CRiVM,CRWi,CRWiNG,SGXXP,XGXXP,CRiNGDP,CRiNGXXP.

CRia                                             ⇒ CRi,CRia,CRiNG,ISDia,CRiVM,CRWi,CRWiNG,SGXXP,XGXXP,CRiNGDP,CRiNGXXP.

CRiNG                                         ⇒ CRi,CRia,CRiNG,ISDia,CRiVM,CRWi,CRWiNG,SGXXP,XGXXP,CRiNGDP,CRiNGXXP.

ISDia                                            ⇒ CRi,CRia,CRiNG,ISDia,CRiVM.

ISDia                                            ⇒ CRi,CRia,CRiNG,ISDia,CRiVM,CRWi,CRWiNG,SGXXP,XGXXP,CRiNGDP,CRiNGXXP.

CRWi                                           ⇒ CRWi,CRWiNG.

CRWiNG                                     ⇒ CRWi, CRWiNG,CRiNGDPLE.

SGXXP                                        ⇒ SGXXP.

XGXXP                                       ⇒ XGXXP.

CRiNGDP                                   ⇒ CRiNGDP,CRiNGXXP,

CRiNGXXP                                ⇒ CRiNGDP, CRiNGXXP.

CRiNGDPLE                              ⇒ CRiNGDPLE,

CRAMi                                         ⇒ CRAMi.

Now upload the backup file and restore the backup in the ‘Backup Restore‘.


Step By Step Cyberoam Firewall Backup And Restore

Cyberoam Firewall Backup-Restore

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In this way you can backup and restore the Cyberoam Firewall. I hope you would love this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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