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4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Going To Beat Facebook and Become the Most Popular Social Media

In the year 2012, Facebook had spent the amount of 1 million dollars in order to purchase the current famous social media, Instagram. At that time, Facebook was weak but when Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram, the performance of Facebook increased as well. The founder decided to keep Instagram an independent mobile application as opposed to matching this technology within the Facebook application. 7 years later, it is clearly understood that this independence is what is permitting Instagram to take over Facebook.

4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Going To Beat Facebook and Become the Most Popular Social Media
4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Going To Beat Facebook and Become the Most Popular Social Media

Instagram is going to have a better future

It has already been discovered that the usage of Facebook has declined with time. Studies that have been conducted have also revealed that the activity of Facebook has started diminishing, but on the other hand, the activity of Instagram has started growing to a great extent. Most people are of the belief that this is definitely not an accident and it is not going to change at all. It is also predicted that by the year 2020, Instagram will completely take over Facebook. Given below is a list of the reasons why this is going to happen.

Instagram is known to work in a better manner for the young audience

A study conducted has proved that the Americans, who belonged to the age group of 12 and 34 used Snapchat and Instagram more. This same study also showed that there was a decline in the usage of Facebook. This clearly proves that Instagram has started beating Facebook already.

Instagram is mobile friendly

Instagram is one of the best mobile-only platforms. It is not a surprise that the experience of the users have started beating Facebook, irrespective of the fact that this particular social media has been responsible for making great strides with time. Instagram was particularly made for mobile devices and Facebook started adapting to it. Statistics have also shown that almost 80% of the total social content that is generated is consumed on mobile devices. Therefore, the structural advantage of Instagram helps in keeping it ahead. You can visit if you want to get more likes on your Instagram posts.

Instagram is ideal for the brands

Facebook keeps changing the algorithm continuously in order to ensure that people have a better and improved experience when they are scrolling through the news feed. This means that the brands also have to adjust every day when they are on Facebook. Also, this has started becoming seemingly difficult for people who have a budget for their brand. Instagram became even more attractive because even when the algorithms are changed, it was not as detrimental for the brands, which led to a great coexistence between the users and the brands. Most of the brands also have genuine and pleasurable content for interacting on Instagram, and this is not the same when brands post something on Facebook.


More and more people are joining Instagram on a regular basis. You need to ensure that your brand is on Instagram as well if you want to stay ahead in this immensely competitive market.

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