Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design

In this article, we will learn ‘Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design’. There is no particular way to become a UX designer. Whether you have been a lawyer in your previous profession or an art student, you can easily head towards UX designing job roles in no time. If you want to hold the position of a product designer first then you better catch up being a UX designer for the first couple of years. Gaining experience in this field will be enough to prepare you for the upcoming challenges right now. Now, there is a slight difference between UX and UI. So, if you are planning to hold a career in UX field, then you better postpone UI for later use.

You might not have a slight knowledge in the field of UX design and that is absolutely fine. You do not have to bother as there are multiple courses aiming for this package. At the end of these courses, you will turn out to be a UX pro. Now, you can either join any big company’s in-house team of UX designers to work with them to gain knowledge or you can look for the UX designer jobs in some of the independent digital marketing companies. But before any of that, it is high time that you invest some time on making the right portfolio. A properly designed portfolio will help you to highlight your specialties as a UX designer and bag you the best job you can find.

Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design
Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design

Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design:

The importance of portfolio:

It is no doubt to state that portfolio is always the major thing. In this present job switching process, which is no doubt chaotic, you might end up doing a lot of work which won’t deliver any form of substantial result. Portfolio, at this point, can prove to be that amazing tool and also a great goal for you to have. Now, you must be wondering why. Let’s find out the details.

  • The portfolio helps in specifying the elements that should be presented in the said portfolio and it will show you what you have to learn and then do.
  • Once you have made the decision to create a portfolio, it will definitely remove uncertainty and then spares you a few situations when you might have no idea what you should be doing next.
  • It is true that preparing a proper portfolio will take time. In case, you learn more about UX while preparing your portfolio, then you are actually saving tons.

The good start over here is to check out multiple portfolios of some of the promising UX designers, just to grab an idea on how to construct your own. It will help you to get a basic idea and also understand what the companies want to look in your portfolio before giving you the UX designing job. After thorough research, you can actually go through the available options and start working on your own portfolio, without wasting much time from your side.

The elements as added in the portfolio:

There are around 2 to 3 studies, designed to show you the ins and outs of projects. You have to work hard to add those case studies in your portfolio. It should contain descriptions of the train of your thoughts. How the wireframe seems to look is always a secondary matter. UX portfolios need to show how you might have thought, and why are you making certain specific decisions and why you have to pick up one over another.

  • A major part of the UX designer’s day is to make decisions, which are based on research, data, and info right from the clients and then justifying them.
  • From one time to another, they will check the portfolio of the beginners or even get to review the recruitment tasks over here.
  • Many of those portfolios might not contain any description so it is not that possible to assess the way in which the candidate is thinking and guessing how this person is likely to manage daily tasks.
  • Always remember that working hard on a user flow, which is quite good looking but unreadable is not going to improve your chances to procure a job in an organization, which is focusing to deliver the solid user experience.

Even if you do not like writing, always remember it is the easiest way for anyone to clarify the decisions and thoughts. There are times when you are writing and you need to uncover some of the new insights or even change decisions for better results. So, if you can write about it sooner, then your project will turn out to be a lot better.

Things that a promising UX portfolio must have:

Well, what you have to add in the portfolio and what you should not be, will always depend. But, if you check out some of the portfolios of major UX designers, there are some common points, which are to be incorporated in this section well.

  • The first one is desk research data. Some of the examples over here are market, a survey of public opinion and analysis of the competition.
  • Then you have data from various forms of user research which is to be added in the list. Those options over here are surveys or guerilla research.
  • Some of the other points to be included in the list are user flows, personas, wireframes, hand-drawn sketches, and clickable prototypes. You might even have to include information architecture as well, in the list.

Defining such elements will always result in one pretty clear learning plan. The best example of a portfolio is one that contains two case studies and all associated with the mentioned elements. The first case study of the lot must describe a procedure of creating a new mobile app and in details and the second case study needs to talk about the redesigning of any content-focused website, for the desktops.

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You have to show your diversity to win over the employers and give you the chance to work with them. So, creating an attractive portfolio is the first key to it. That’s all, In this article, we have explained the Ways To Create A Right Portfolio To Start Your Career In UX Web Design. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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