3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network

In this article, we will learn ‘3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network ‘. Instagram is the best social media platform of all. It has more than 150 million visitors on the site, one billion likes, and 16 billion images shared every day. It is one of the best photo-sharing and editing platforms to engage more audiences compared to the other social platforms. Instagram comes with considerable functionality, where users can upload high-quality images and videos and share them in no time. Based on the findings of TrackMaven, Fortune 500 companies use Instagram and there are some surprising stats to help you drive engagement in your Instagram profile.

3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network
3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network

According to an article published on inc, you can integrate as much as 10 hashtags as well as a location to your Instagram story that can fetch you as much as 1,000 views for every story, and it works wonders for videos. For your better understanding, here are three Instagram stats to make the most out of this social media site:

Follow the below Article for 3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network:

  1. Instagram images perform better than videos

The video site YouTube brags of more than four billion videos seen daily and 800 million new visitors every month. Considering this stat, you may think that Instagram videos perform the same way when it comes to moving images. You are wrong. It is not the case. Out of the Fortune 500 companies in the US, a meager 4 percent of the top brands use videos.

On the contrary, a standard photo attracts an average of 37 interactions for a thousand followers and videos receive 24 interactions for thousand followers on Instagram. Therefore, you should use photos more than videos to earn genuine and free Instagram likes. Then, that does not mean adding videos will affect engagement. We recommend that you use the perfect balance of photos and videos to reinforce your brand in the years to come.

  1. The ideal day to post

Though most people post on Thursdays, the best day to post is Sundays. The popularity of Instagram is ever increasing, making all other days of the week ideal for posting. If you consider the Fortune 500 companies, there is no perfect day to post on Instagram. However, most people post on Thursdays. We recommend that you follow your Instagram account and watch on which days your posts are receiving maximum likes, comments, and shares. Accordingly, you can chalk out a plan to post on the photo-sharing social site.

  1. Use of hashtags

Many people advise using two hashtags at one time. Now the data related to hashtags have crushed previous recommendations. The Instagram accounts, that have less than a thousand followers, have 11 hashtags in a post with 77.66 interactions. Therefore, you should study the hashtag trends on Instagram to improve interactions so that users can discover your posts easily, via a simple click on a particular hashtag. Then, do not overdo hashtags. Add only the relevant ones instead for better results. It will help you increase your business visibility.

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Instagram has evolved over the years so that brands can make the best out of this social media site. You too should leverage the platform for increased engagement.

That’s all, In this article, we have explained 3 Amazing Instagram Stats to Leverage this Photo-sharing Social Network. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then just share it. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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