How to Create and Delete CON folder in windows 7

In this article, i am going to show you ” How to make a folder of reserved keywords such as CON. Before you go to Job Interview, you have to prepare for such a roll. For that, it is necessary to know the tricks such as some con folder.

Why can’t I create a folder with “con” name?

You can not make con folder in windows because the word CON is a reserved keyword for windows. Similar keywords are reserved in windows.

Reserved Keywords:

CON-Keyboard and Display
PRN-System list device, usually a parallel port
AUX-Auxiliary Device, usually a serial port
NUL-Bit-Bucket Device
A:-Z:-Drive Letter
COM1-First Serial communications port
COM2-Second Serial communications port
COM3-Third Serial communications port
COM4-Fourth Serial communications port
LPT1-First Parallel printer port
LPT2-second Parallel printer port
LPT3-Third Parallel printer port

Method-1 Use Shortcut Key:

Create a new folder and rename it and hold the ALT key in it and type 0160 from the numeric keypad (ALT + 0160) and release the ALT key, now CON folder will be created.

Method-2 Make directory Command:

We are going to delete these folders by command prompt tricks. Open the RUN window Open by pressing windows key and R. on the keyboard. Type CMD in it. Now, add the following command and press Enter. Con folder will be created.
How to create and delete CON folder in windows 7

Make directory

After entering command now folder is created showing in C drive.  

How to create and delete CON folder in windows 7

Con Folder

How to delete con folder?

If the con folder is made by the Shortcut Key, then it is normal delete, but when a command prompt is created, it does not delete, because it has to be deleted by a command prompt. If you were to delete a con folder that was created by the command prompt, then showing below error “can not find this item”.

Method-1 Remove Directory Command:

You have to delete that folder using the command prompt. For this, use the following Remove Directory command.
rd \\.\c:\con
How to create and delete CON folder in windows 7

Remove Directory

In this simple way, you can create and delete the Con folder.

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